Cuts & Scrapes & Bruises, Oh My!



Do you have a “Kamakaze” Kid? My little guy is actually quite cautious, but the little girl I babysit, is downright daring and indestructible (mostly). Scrapes and bruises are a part of everyday life. Honestly, there are times I’d like to strap her into a baby carrier and avoid the pain that will otherwise ensue… but I resist restricting her freedom… and keep the Arnical Gel handy.

Whether your child is adventurous or cautious, there are still plenty of opportunities to get scraped up. While there are many over the counter remedies to clean cuts, reduce swelling, prevent infection and promote healing there are twice as many natural remedies which accomplish the same thing. Nature really does take good care of us.

Here are 10 natural remedies for minor injuries:

1. Witch hazel. This plant is actually a deciduous shrub and the bark and leaves are an astringent which can be used to disinfectant to clean skin. It’s also commonly used to treat sore muscles and swollen tissue.

2. Aloe vera is a common treatment for sunburns and rashes. A succulent plant grown in warm, tropical climates, it protects and moisturizes the skin.

3. Arnical Gel, which comes from Arnica, a perennial in the sunflower family, is excellent for treating muscle aches and bruising.

4. Raw garlic. Despite the very unique and potentially unpleasant aroma, garlic cloves can be used to disinfect cuts and scrapes. It’s an antiseptic.

5. Yarrow leaves, when dried and ground into a powder, can be uses to disinfect cuts and scrapes and to stop the bleeding.

6. Lavender essential oil, when combined and diluted by jojoba oil or olive oil, relieves pain, burns and bee stings.

7. Tea tree essential oil, when diluted with jojoba or olive oil, is an antiseptic and antibiotic. It is great for cleaning minor cuts.

8. Thyme essential oil, when diluted with a base oil like olive or jojoba has both antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Use it to clean minor cuts and scrapes and to soothe bruised and sore muscles.

9. Castor oil can be used to treat bruising and reduce swelling.

10. Calendula oil or lotion is used to soothe rashes and minor scrapes.

In addition to these natural remedies, homeopathic remedies can be designed to treat swelling and bruising and flower essences can be used to reduce stress and alleviate shock symptoms. Mother Nature has provides you with a number of first aid remedies. You can create your own natural first aid kit today and take advantage of all nature has to offer.

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